Matthew Walker and assorted music lovers/players.


BluePopRockBeats - some say it sounds like
Tom Petty, Lou Reed, White Stripes

One listener said "If Jimi Hendrix, The Black Keys and The Red Hot Chili Peppers somehow had a baby it would sound like this"


Because music keeps the world turning.


Originally from the southwest border of Chicago, Matthew Walker was raised by a supportive family of music lovers who encouraged his creative side, gave him his mother's old guitar, and first exposed him to the sounds of contemporary rock n roll. He began to investigate the history of rock n roll, often hands-on with his six-string, everything from classic blues to funk to modern rock. Simultaneously, the pounding, rhythmic sounds of the Chicago house, techno and industrial scenes of Chicago captivated his attention, and Matthew ended up forming a synth band and recorded a number of solo electronic releases. Eventually heading west to a new city, San Diego, California, Matthew gravitated toward a more simplistic way of life and in turn a more uncomplicated approach to music. Rediscovering his love of the purity of guitar-based rock and blues, he began to write more in this vein - starting again with acoustic guitar, empty bottles, gourd shakers, foot stomps and hand claps - eventually coupling the guitar with a small touch of synthesizers and keybords of his Chicago club days. From his wide palette of stylistic influences and musical experiments arose the current straight-ahead blues/pop/rock blend which today forms the unforgettable sound of the MATTHEW WALKER PROJECT.